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Biomagnetismo médico con elán med center

Medical Biomagnetism

It helps you balance your body and eliminate emotional blockages.

Terapia de biomagnetismo de Elán Med Center

What is Medical Biomagnetism Therapy?

Medical Biomagnetism therapy is used to balance the body in its physical and emotional state. The goal is to eliminate energetic blockages in the body's meridians, which can be caused by traumas, microorganisms, and cellular dysfunction, among other factors.

Medical Biomagnetism therapy enables the body to naturally regain its balance. It heals bacterial or viral infections without antibiotics that may harm the body's normal flora. This is achieved by depolarizing the bioenergetic field produced by the organism to attract free radicals of opposite polarity to the outside.

At Elán Med Center, we perform detection using kinesiological testing, where the body responds to a questionnaire to promote well-being and healing without the need for chemicals. It is the medicine of the future!

Preparation Prior

No special attire is required, only patients will be asked to remove metal objects and shoes to lie down on the table.


  • The patient lies on the stretcher and the diagnosis begins by passing the questionnaire to the body.

  • Then the magnets that is the treatment are applied and a few minutes are left for their respective magnetic de-polarization .

  • The procedure lasts 1 hour. 

  • The patient receives full diagnosis and treatment.

  • It is painless and harmless and does not require prior considerations.

How is Medical Biomagnetism therapy applied?

Benefits of Medical Biomagnetism Therapy

  • Improves the circulatory system and prevents cardiovascular conditions.

  • Reduces inflammation of muscles and joints.

  • Balance the bacterial flora by getting rid of the pathogenic microorganisms that make it sick.

  • Improve personal self-control.

  • Eliminate insomnia.

  • Remove blocks to healing both physical and emotional.

  • Improves the feeling of internal strength and self-esteem.

  • Release emotions trapped in the body that may be causing pain.

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