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Specialized natural clinic for menopause and andropause

Unique in Guatemala!

We are a specialized medical clinic in menopause and andropause. Our comprehensive approach involves evaluating all hormonal systems as well as all metabolisms through a complete battery of blood tests, symptom analysis, and personalized nutrition. Our goal is to prevent diseases, prolong productive life, and enhance the well-being of our patients.

We are the only clinic in Guatemala that offers bioidentical hormone therapy, which is 100% natural and identical to the hormones produced by our bodies. This allows us to avoid the unwanted side effects of synthetic hormones.

Our goal is to help you become the healthiest, happiest, and strongest version of yourself!

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Female Hormonal Control

We treat all types of hormonal imbalances with 100% natural treatments.

Tiroides, T3 y T4, Tiroides natural bioidentica, tratamientos no quimicos, hipotiroidismo. tiroides guatemala, tiroides natural elan, Tiroides tratamiento

The thyroid can produce a variety of symptoms when its function is compromised

Control de peso, nutrición, tratamientos de desintoxicación, suero detox, tratamientos para limpiar organos, sueros de desintoxicacion  guatemala, dieta guatemala
Weight management and Detoxification

Our detoxification treatments help cleanse the organs

Andropausia, deficienta de testosterona, sintomas de andropausia, terapia de reemplano hormonal, tratamiento de testosterona biodidentica
Male Hormonal Control

Testosterone deficiency is a common issue associated with andropause

higado graso, tratamientos para eliminar higado graso, desintoxicación del hígado, clinica para salud del hígado guatemala
Fatty Liver

It is caused by the excessive accumulation of fat or triglycerides in the liver, known as Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Biomagnetismo medico, terapia para equilibrar el cuerpo, desbloqueos mentales con biomagnetismo
Medical Biomagnetism Therapy

Medical Biomagnetism Therapy is used to balance the body in its physical and emotional state

Laser vaginal, incontinencia urinaria, reducción de vulva, tratamientos rejuvenecimiento vaginal
Vaginal rejuvenation with laser

Vaginal health undergoes various changes over the years, attributed to different factors.

hormona del crecimiento, microbioma natural, metabolismo
Growth Hormone

This is a substance that regulates body growth. It also helps control metabolism.

Sueros Elan, Sueroterapia, sueros deportivos, Sueros Revitalizantes con vitaminas y minerales, sueros guatemala

Suerotherapy consists of intravenously administering fluids that promote self-healing

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medlineplus, mayoclinic, menopausia, control hormonal, menopausia, elan med, hormonas Guatemala,


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