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sueros revitalicantes de vitaminas y minerales


Intravenous serums for the proper functioning of our body

Sueros para desintoxicar el cuerpo

What does intravenous therapy involve?

By combining vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and natural biological drugs, Intravenous Therapy involves the administration of specific serums intravenously to promote self-healing and the proper functioning of our body according to each person's specific needs, without the use of artificial preservatives.

At Elán Med Center, we offer different types of serums, always ensuring comprehensive care for our patients.

Discover the 4 options of Intravenous Therapy at Elán Med Center

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Benefits of Suerotherapy

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Helps fight obesity

  • Revitalizes the body

  • Helps regulate insomnia

  • Improves the appearance of skin, nails, and hair

  • Improves the health of the organism

  • Increases defenses

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