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How does stress affect our body?

Our body is a collection of parts that form a living being, and this being is composed of interconnected systems that work together to function. Stress is an enemy of these systems because it affects all the systems in our body, leading to health problems.

Stress is generated in the body when we face a situation that we cannot control, creating immense pressure that can cause our systems to collapse and react irregularly, resulting in changes in our body.

One of the effects is the alteration of hormones. In this case, we will talk about Adrenal Hormones. Their main function is to counteract physical and emotional stress that can arise from work problems, relationship issues, family matters, financial problems, addictions, surgeries, drastic changes in our routine, etc.

When Adrenal Hormones fail to perform their function, our body starts to show the following symptoms:

  • Excess abdominal fat

  • Hunchback

  • Excess fat on the face and double chin

  • Fat accumulation around organs and sagging over the lower belly.

  • Thin arms and legs.

When presenting these symptoms, we can say that the person suffers from what we call Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. This occurs when the cortisol hormone is low in our body, leading to symptoms such as:

  • High level of fatigue, to the point that getting out of bed can be quite a challenge.

  • Depression, even without any emotional, work-related, or other issues affecting them.

  • Anxiety for fried foods.

  • Lack of appetite in the mornings.

People who experience these symptoms often do not realize that they are due to an imbalance in the cortisol hormone and may believe that living this way is just part of their habits. However, this can change when it is detected and treated properly. Remember that it is important to always listen to the signals your body sends you and undergo comprehensive hormone level checks to look and, above all, feel healthy.

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