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What does it mean to have an ovary body?

It is important to start by mentioning that hormones are the body's communication language and can influence actions such as fat burning, fat accumulation, appetite control, sleep, tissue and bone growth, fluid levels in the body, palpitations, joint repair, among many others.

If hormones become dysfunctional, we end up with problems that cannot be controlled unless they are hormonally treated in order to see positive results. This is what we call Ovary Body Type.

The main actor is the ovaries, so its characteristics and symptoms are only seen in women. The ovaries produce three hormones, one of which is the hormone estrogen. When the ovaries produce an excessive amount of this hormone due to dysfunction, a layer of fat is created around the female body, especially around the ovaries, hips, lower abdomen, breasts, and buttocks.

Therefore, even if you try to follow diets, high-impact exercises for extended periods, you will not see the desired results. Remember that hormones are the communication system of your body, and when they stop communicating and functioning properly, the functions they are intended for will not be performed correctly.

What are the symptoms of Ovary Body Type?

  • Fat deposited in the "love handles," lower belly, and hips.

  • Premenstrual syndrome.

  • Cramps and excessive bleeding.

  • Depression during the period.

  • Pain in one or both ovaries.

There are various triggers for hormonal imbalances that can affect the functioning of the ovaries. If you believe you have any of these symptoms, it is important to undergo a comprehensive evaluation of all hormones to gain clarity on what your body needs.

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