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What treatments are available for detoxifying the body?

The best way to take care of our body is to seek out human-use products that do not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. Treatments for detoxifying the body with natural and organic options are the best choice.

However, this is quite challenging nowadays, so we will show you three treatments to eliminate toxins from your body:

Treatment 1: Organ Detoxification

Fasting Protocol: This is the most powerful detoxification method for the body. After 24 hours without the body being in the process of digestion, it begins to eliminate all intracellular defective proteins and zombie cells from the body, and metabolically starts using accumulated fat as fuel.

This is an ancient practice found in major religions around the world. It is only in this modern lifestyle where we lack this practice, and that is why it is the cause of most diseases.

Sugar addiction and commercial programming make the decision difficult, but once started, the benefits are felt. It is a myth that fasting causes gastritis. Often, the compulsion to eat helps us fill emotional voids, which should be addressed in therapy with a specialist.

Then a diet that includes smoothies, vegetables, lean meats, along with specific herbal capsules for the liver, colon, kidneys, and stomach. Duration ranges from 15 days to 2 months depending on the case.

Treatment 2: Ionic Detoxification

It is a technique based on the theory of electrolysis, where the process breaks down water molecules into thousands of ions, essentially generating a micro electric field in the water.

Ionization breaks down the water molecules in which the feet have been submerged, separating them into thousands of ions. A large number of anions penetrate the various membranes of the body and, upon encountering positively charged ions, which are generators of toxins adhered to different body tissues such as skin, organs, etc., they disintegrate them, thus neutralizing the positive charge of the toxins or cations. These toxins are then released from the tissues to which they were attached and are extracted from the body through facilitated osmosis via the feet.

By immersing the feet in saltwater, the body begins to purify itself in excretory organs such as the bladder, liver, intestines, etc. In addition to eliminating a large amount of toxins from the body, it provides us with anions, making us feel healthy, relaxed, and energized.

Treatment 3: Chelation Therapy

It is an intravenous serum whose main ingredient is an amino acid called EDTA and other minerals to effectively perform its function. If we consider that arteriosclerosis is one of the processes directly related to aging, it is understood why chelation therapy prevents premature aging and promotes better nourishment of the patient's tissues and organs, thus achieving improved states of well-being and overall health.

  • It reduces, by trapping and subsequent urinary elimination, toxic bivalent metals such as lead, mercury, etc.

  • It is an effective scavenger of free radicals.

  • It reduces pathological deposits of calcium inside arteries and other locations.

  • It restores enzymatic activity in the arterial wall affected by the toxicity of certain metals. And it reduces platelet aggregation, an important factor in the formation of intravascular clots and thrombi.

Please note that each treatment is tailored to individual needs, and it is important to always consult with a doctor for proper guidance.

You can find these treatments at Elán Med Center by calling 2296 5986. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can email us at

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